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Why are children special?
There is more to vision than just the ability to see 20/20. We breakdown vision into 3 different categories:

Visual Acuity- Refraction and eye health
Visual Efficiency Skills- Eye focusing, teaming and tracking
Visual Processing- Represents the ability to recognize and distinguish visual stimuli and interpret it correctly.

These are a part of every examination for children because many vision problems can be corrected easier with early diagnosis and treatment. The visual system matures rapidly during the early years of growth, and it is important to identify any problems that may interfere with normal vision development.

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Children's vision care

"The American Optometric Association guidelines recommend that all children have a complete vision and eye health examination at the age of 6 months, 3 years, upon entering kindergarten, and routine vision care (every 2 years) thereafter throughout their school years."

We refer our infants to 3 year olds to Daniel D Thuente, M.D. who specializes in pediatric ophthalmology 231-947-6246 or 800-968-6612.

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